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Patient Friendly Collections Means That We Treat Your Patients With The Same Care You Do

Each of our professional collectors is certified through the American Collectors Association (ACA) and has achieved the Professional Collection Specialist (PCS) designation. But what really makes a difference in the results that we get for our healthcare clients is the fact that we treat your patients with the same care that you do.

  • BAM’s Patient Friendly Code of Collection:
  • Conduct every patient contact with dignity, respect and compliance.

You can rest assured that BAM will represent your organization well and be an extension of the professional and courteous service provided by your medical staff. Relying on BAM also relieves your employees of the burden of making collection calls to patients and allows them to focus on their primary jobs. Your business needs the right people. Proven collection professionals who fully understand how to approach the collections process and get results quickly.

Save Time - Running a business is difficult enough, even without the added challenge of trying to collect bad debts. Between managing the business, overseeing employees and planning for the future, there’s little time left for administrating effective debt collection.

Only Pay If We Collect - We operate on a contingency basis that requires no out of pocket expenses for you. You only pay for a percentage of what we actually collect. This allows you to focus on the needs of your business, while we employ proven techniques in recovering your uncollected debts.

Eliminate Stress - When you choose BAM, you eliminate the stress of unpaid debt and the hassle of convincing your employees to help collect it. Our experienced and highly-trained team of professionals knows how to maximize collection efforts and get the job done.

Recover The Debt - An effective recovery system requires the determination and dedication of a skilled recovery team. From supervisors and skip tracers to collectors and support staff, our recovery teams work cooperatively to ensure that Bureau of Account Management maintains the quality, compliance and continuity of our recovery effort and the high standards of your company.


Latest Technology

Bureau of Account Management takes pride in providing the highest level of service through the use of the most advanced technology.


Nationally Licensed

BAM is a nationally licensed, full service collection agency with extensive experience collecting debt for Healthcare Providers.


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